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Feed My Lambs Grade r, Pre-School, opened its doors 25 years ago when founder. Mrs. Alleweya Goss saw the need for learners to be stimulated and have a better maths foundation, after teaching at a high school for a few years. She started the Clever Play Maths program in Pre-School as well as a reading programme.


About Us 

Feed My Lambs Pre and Primary school offers a high standard of education from Grade R to Grade 7. We offer the required subjects form the CAPS curriculum from grade 1 – 7 and Bible education. The school has extra curricular sports codes such as netball, soccer and cross-country. We also offer ballet, computer and swimming classes (seasonal) at an extra fee.

We strive to afford our learners a loving, nurturing, interactive and stimulating environment. We comprise of a dedicated staff where a strong work ethic is instilled and the child is holistically developed.


Our Vision

To provide an educational program that exemplifies Christian norms, values and ethnics.
To evangelize children with the message of Salvation introducing them to Jesus as Friend and Saviour.
To remove any influence of secular humanism, new age philosophy and materialism.

Our Mission

Whilst acquiring knowledge our children must grow and be of service to everyone.


Our goal is to see that all learners are stimulated holistically, have a firm foundation in mathematics and have a strong reading ability once they leave the school. We are a family school where all learners feel part of the unit.